What's next in NH Hotel Luxemburg

What’s next in NH Hotel Luxemburg

Since childhood I have always had the feeling the earth is a beautiful place, but that it could be much better. I am especially concerned by the exploitation of environment, people and animals. For the past ten years, my artwork has been inspired by my dream. In my paintings and drawings I depict a future world of sustainable cities and societies.

I am inspired by science and nature, mathematics, quantum mechanics, space travel, architecture and the circular economy. These Gaudi/Escher-like works arise with staggered perspectives, which take the viewer into their own dream.

I work in different layers, use chalk, paint and sometimes collage techniques. I consciously use a shifting and flexible perspective. You will find 2D and 3D in my work; sometimes there is space and sometimes not. You can enter my work in many ways. It adapts itself to the viewer. I choose my colours intuitively and to me they represent the place where the city is located lives of the inhabitants. I like to work with the principle of complementary colors, so that the color image is not flat and monotonous. I am aware of the striking light and therefore use matte, glossy and ionizing, thick and thin paint with opaque and transparent colours. When making my art, I try to pay attention to my materials as much as possible and not to waste or pollute. I work on handmade elephant dung paper and often reuse my old canvases or recycled materials.

Educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Graduated in 1982. Visual artist in the disciplines: painting (oil, acrylic and mixed media), monumental painting, graphics, drawings and photography.